Partners, Not Punching Bags

This time is frustrating, confusing, anger-inducing, and at times, feels hopeless. We are lost. We are struggling to find and create some semblance of normal. Sometimes it works, but often, we are failing.  We are all failing in big and small ways every single day.  All of us. But we all know that there are … Continue reading Partners, Not Punching Bags

Reconsidering Time & Kicking Entitlement to the Curb

In the early days of this new remote and distant learning world, I asked myself the following question, "How much of my students' time am I entitled to?" And I wrestled with that question. For days...for weeks. I made plans, changed plans, scrapped plans, and lamented the existence of plans. I listened to wise mentors … Continue reading Reconsidering Time & Kicking Entitlement to the Curb

Ripple Effects

Note: I originally wrote this post in the days following and in response to the horrific shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue and never published it. In the days, weeks, and months since this attack we have seen violence of this nature continue in our country and around the world. In a time when … Continue reading Ripple Effects